Tips to Prevent SEXTING for Teens

Think about the consequences of taking, sending, or forwarding a sexual picture of someone else, even if it’s you. You could get kicked off of sports teams, face humiliation, lose educational opportunities, and even face a police investigation.

Never take images of yourself that you wouldn’t want everyone – your classmates, your teachers, your family, or your employer to see.

Before hitting send remember that you can’t control where this image may travel. What you send to a boyfriend or girlfriend could easily end up with their friends, and their friends’ friends, and so on…

If you forward a sexual picture of someone without their consent, you are violating their trust and exposing them to potential ridicule. It’s  not up to you to decide who should see their body, so don’t forward the image to anyone.

If anyone pressures you to send a sexual picture, don’t give i and talk to an adult you trust. Remember that anyone who tries to get you to do something you are uncomfortable with is probably not trustworthy.


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