Want to learn how to check your child’s browser history, use Facebook’s privacy settings or report cyberbullying on Twitter? Check out these websites for information and how to videos so you can be as tech savvy as your child.

Instructional Videos and Guides

Videos include “How to Use Twitter”, “How to Use Facebook” and “How to Use an iPhone”.

Information and tips for parents about specific websites and apps.

Website Help Centers

Learn how to manage your child’s account and report problems.

Find out how to use Twitter and protect your child’s privacy.

Read about YouTube’s safety policies and how to report inappropriate content.

Browse through videos and articles for advice on using Google’s safety tools and how to manage your family’s safety online.

Learn about the basics of this popular app and get tips for parents.

Understand how to use the app and what to do if your child is using it inappropriately.

Read about the app and how to report problems.

Browse articles about securing your child’s account and managing their privacy settings.

Learn about this blogging platform and how to manage your child’s account settings.

Find out how to use Pinterest and secure your child’s account.

Get answers to your questions about controlling who sees your child’s profile and how to report problems.

Read about this popular game’s rules and safety features.


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