Mission Statement

Mission Statement

LCAP is a faith-based organization that believes in the value and dignity of every human being. We fight against the cruelty of human trafficking (modern slavery) through public education, advocacy and victim assistance.


LCAP is instrumental in:

  • Raising public awareness of human trafficking
  • Preventing vulnerable young people from becoming victims
  • Informing the general public how to recognize victims and their predators, and what to do to assist victims
  • Ensuring law enforcement is informed and engaged in the rescue of victims and the apprehension of predators
  • Supporting other organizations who work to aid, rescue, protect and rehabilitate victims


We accomplish hour vision by:

  • Focusing our activities in Livingston County and surrounding areas, with emphasis on schools, churches and the youth
  • Sponsoring awareness and informational events
  • Working alongside other groups who share our mission by providing volunteer time and effort, as well as monetary, material and moral support as appropriate.