How To Possibly Identify A Human Trafficking Victim

Do you think you might know or have spotted a victim of Human Trafficking?

According to the U.S. Department of State, the following are all possible indicators that someone might be a victim of Human Trafficking.

  • Living with employer
  • Poor living conditions
  • Multiple people in cramped space
  • Inability to speak to individual alone
  • Answers appear to be scripted and rehearsed
  • Employer is holding identity documents
  • Signs of physical abuse
  • Submissive or fearful
  • Unpaid or paid very little
  • Under 18 and in prostitution

If you are able to communicate with the suspected victim without jeopardizing their safety, the U.S. Department of State recommends you ask these questions:

  • Can you leave your job if you want to?
  • Can you come and go as you please?
  • Have you been hurt or threatened if you tried to leave?
  • Has your family been threatened?
  • Do you live with your employer?
  • Where do you sleep and eat?
  • Are you in debt to your employer?
  • Do you have your passport/identification? Who has it?

If you believe the individual is a victim you must alert the proper officials. Contact your local police station or the National Human Trafficking hotline at: 888-3737-888 or the International Office of Migration, headquartered in Geneva Switzerland: